5 Realms of Cards for Mac

5 Realms of Cards

5 Realms of Cards is a new incarnation of solitaire. it's visually nice, story-driven and it features 5 realms with over 70 levels that are full of addictive solitaire playing fun. Enjoy!

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Rainbow Mystery for Mac

Rainbow Mystery

Help Lily bring life and color into the Rainbow world, which is tainted by the evil spell. Solve puzzles on your way while keeping an eye out for power-ups. With stunning graphics, amazing animations and 3 game modes, Rainbow Mystery is bursting with fun!

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Rainbow Web for Mac

Rainbow Web

Rainbow Web adventure match 3 in row puzzle game! Artistically and conceptually, this groovy puzzle game is extraordinary. In the kingdom of Rainbow all glittering pearl beads scattered over the webs of bizarre shapes have been muddled. You are the one to bring order to this chaos!

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Bubble Bobble for Mac

Bubble Bobble Nostalgie     Bubble Bobble for Mac

Trap enemies in bubbles and pop them! Collect power ups to increase your speed, freeze your enemies, or even shoot special bubbles that fire off dazzling electricity attacks. Battle a variety of bizarre monsters on 200 levels of gameplay.

Bubble Bobble Nostalgie Mac Edition features state of the art graphics, music and sound.

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Tank-o-Box for Mac


Tank-o-Box is an action packed 3D tank arcade combat game for Mac OS X platform. Outstanding 3D graphics, doubly digital sound effects, and fancy game engine guarantee the ultimate battle-tanking experience.

Tank-o-Box features single-player and two-player co-op modes, 30 types of terrain, 4 seasons; daylight, nighttime and twilight effects, and 55 awe-inspiring game levels with totally addictive gameplay.

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